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Sustaining Women in Business

Gala Darling SWB13 Speaker Interview

September 19, 2013

You were born in New Zealand and ended up in New York. How did that happen? I always wanted something bigger than New Zealand, and knew it from a very young age. I remember sitting in the Wellington Public Library as a 13 year old girl, poring over NYC travel guides and writing notes in my journal. When I first visited, at age 22, I felt like I was home -- and I'd never felt that anywhere else. I ended up moving to NYC kind of by accident a year and a half later... I flew over for a party and decided to stay!You have shared publicly your challenges around depression, self harming and an eating disorder. Can you share...

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Is SWB right for me?

June 13, 2013

Whether you are a graduate, a new manager, a seasoned executive or a entrepreneur, SWB will be an amazing and inspiring experience for you......

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Are you ready?

June 07, 2013

If you’re ready to take a leap forward in your career and make the most of your strengths; if you believe success is about growing and evolving sustainable approaches to help you thrive

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